Why I Switched to Spotify

This isn’t an ad for Spotify, by the way, this is simply my personal experience and opinion.

When Pandora was introduced to me, I was obsessed and set on it. I was never the type to get hooked on specific artists or even know what kind of music I really listened to. I grew up watching more TV than listening to music, and when I first started driving the shared family car, I’d just listen to the pop stations, or whatever was in the CD player (usually Dispatch or Guster — both of which I grew to love). Anyway, my point is that I didn’t really have a taste or any sort of great knowledge of music. College introduced me to the classics (Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc.), but I still couldn’t say that I really knew what I enjoyed.

So, Pandora came along, and saved me. I started listening to the popular stations, and made a few customized ones. But I always found myself skipping songs. And even recently, I was playing a station that I thought I curated over the years to play only songs I loved, and it kept playing music that I hated. Instead, I’d turn on my husband’s favorite Pandora station, which was full of songs that were amazing. But he said he’d been working on that station for years and years and years. He worked hard to thumbs up and thumbs down each individual song. I knew that it would take me too long to customize a station like that for myself, so I was like, OK, I’m not even going to bother then. I’ll just listen to his station.

Problem not solved, though. Why you ask? I wanted to create a very specific playlist for our wedding, and this type of customization could not be done with Pandora. So I signed onto Spotify. I was scared at first. How could I, the music novice, make a playlist that could even ever be perfect? How do I start to find the songs that would fit here?

Turns out, it wasn’t as hard or daunting as it first seemed. Spotify seems scary when you say “you have to make your own playlist”. But, you can search for playlists that other people have already created! So I searched for “Wedding Playlists” and so many popped up! So I listened to a bunch, and then could hand pick the ones that I loved the most — therefore making the ultimate playlist. I worked so hard on it, and know that I’ll continue to love listening to it now and many moons from now.

Spotify is cool, too, because it will suggest songs that it thinks you’ll like — but it doesn’t force you to listen to them like Pandora does. The free version does have a limited amount of skips like Pandora, but I actually found myself skipping much less on Spotify in the first place. And since you can create your own playlists, it’s easy for me to grab the ones that resonated most with me and put them into their own playlists or save them to my library.

Am I sounding old right now? Am I the last one to join the Spotify train? Probably. But I don’t care. I’m glad I’m here now. (I will also still use Pandora once in a while.)

For now, I’d like to share with you a playlist I created specifically for this post (see below). It’s a mixture of calming folk and indie. I find it’s good to listen to at work, in the car, doing the dishes, having a glass of wine with your significant other or friends, or just vegging out by yourself on the couch with your pets.

Enjoy — and stay tuned for more nerding out about music and lovely little playlists.

p.s. Music makes your soul happy, so listen to more of it.



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